Opportunity for Global Health Philanthropy

Amader Gram Cancer Care & Research Center (AGCRC) needs immediate investment of $462,000 to complete construction of the first two campus buildings: an ambulatory care clinic and a diagnostic center, to be completed in the late spring 2023.There are two floors in each building, and two blocks on each floor.

Bangladesh Government extended financial support for Tk. 182.7 million ($2.5 million) to construct the NCD Outpatient and Diagnostic Buildings.

To add matching funds to the government's major contribution (79.80% of total construction costs) we need 20.20% which is Tk. 46.2 million ($462,000) to further develop this campus and to expand clinical activities at our Digital Health Care Center which eventually will become part of the AGCRC campus, this project needs matching financial support for the building constructions. This building project is a key step in the creation of a grass-roots transparent and accountable community services network.

Major supporters will have their contributions recognized by naming rights for these construction activities with major donations as follows:

∎ Ambulatory care clinic or diagnostic center Taka 2 crore or $200,000 (2 buildings)

∎ Floor of ambulatory care clinic or diagnostic center Taka 1 crore or $100,000 (4 floors)

∎ Block of rooms in either ambulatory care clinic or diagnostic center Taka fifty lacs or $50,000 (total 16 rooms)

Donors will be invited to participate in special events associated with the opening and operations of the AGCRC facilities and programs and provided interim reports on the development of the AGCRC.

Personal visits by center leaders with interested donors can be arranged on request.


Financial donations supporting this project will be deposited in a specific building fund joint bank account with the government in Bangladesh, withdrawals from which can only be made for specific expenses involved in this project.

To send your support, check or if you have any question please contact Musa Ibrahim, Director (international affairs) at:

Your Pledge: the opportunity for Global Health Philanthropy

We have made a partnership with ‘Call for Humanity’, a registered 501(c)(3) not-profit organization of the United States to support our fund-raising initiatives. People from anywhere in the world can contribute, donate to accomplish the Cancer Center construction matching fund ($462,000) to the Bangladesh Government contribution of $2.1 million. The link for details information please visit-

Once you, your friends, family members decided to be a partner of this great initiative please on “DONATE NOW”

Select your choice of donation amount or write the amount in the space, click “Apply My Donation To” and select “CANCER HOSPITAL” to pay from your card. This is fully secured; your card information will not be saved.

Once your payment is completed, you will get an instant e-mail confirmation and Tax receipt.

For any further information or clarification please contact Board President of the Call for Humanity at-

If you decided to write a check, please send us e-mail ( to set up collection procedure or you can post the check at the following address:

Payable to: Amader Gram Cancer Care & Research Center Address: Dhaka Liaison office, 11/8 Iqbal Road, First floor, Dhaka 1207, Bangladesh

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